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PhD Candidate, "Observational Cinema", Department of Fine Arts, Cyprus University of Technology, Limassol
Master Program on Creative Documentary Making at La Casa de Cine, Barcelona

Msc. Social Theory and Public Affairs at University of Amsterdam

Bsc. Sociology at Hacettepe University

2011- 2015 Researcher

Turkish Cypriot Human Rights Foundation, Cyprus EU Association, Famagusta Youth Centre

Future Worlds Centre, UNDP, European Network Against Racism

2011- Present Production Researcher

BBC Scotland, Al Jazeera Balkans, ARTE,

ARD, DW, NTV-RTL, Galaxie Presse, Graft Arkitekten, Vice Greece, Camp Film, KinoElektron

2013-Present Videographer & Photographer

OBZ Collective, VideOccupy Istanbul, Association for Sustainable Development,

Refugee Rights Association, Eastern Mediterranean Arts Association, UNDP, Ruptly, WorldBank, Fundacio Pepe Rubianes



2014 He/She/It  @Art Rooms, Nicosia

2014 Human Rights Film Festival @Magem, Famagusta

2015 Re:Displacement, World Refugee Day Film Festival, @CCMC, Nicosia Buffer Zone

2016 About War: Refugee Stories Photo Exhibition,

2016 SKT:16.03.2016 @Efruz, Nicosia

2016 European Film Nights @H4C, Nicosia Buffer Zone

2017, All Debord @Pikadilli, Famagusta

2018, ISFFCY @Rialto, Limassol

2019, Festa Final de LCDC @Cinemes Girona, Barcelona

2019, Footnotes on Equality @Casco, Utrecht

2019, Alt'in Ust'un @Rustem, Nicosia

2020, ISFFCY, Parallel Covid Short Films @Rialto, Limassol

2021, Ineffeble Islands @Space54, Athens

2021, Inside the Outset @Rosa Barba's Cinema, Derynia Buffer Zone

2021, xii Mostra Sonora i Visual @Convent Agusti, Barcelona

2021, xxv DrapArt @Artesania Catalunya, Barcelona

2022, Mediterranean Soundscapes Project Festival @Centro Negra/AADK SP, Murcia

& @Atlas Cinema Museum, Istanbul

2022, gitdagel | κίττα κελι, @Kale Pasaj, Famagusta

2022, "Opening", @unusual things, Famagusta

2022-2023, "In the Sea of the Setting Sun", @SPEL State Gallery, Nicosia
2023, "we can only begin to notice", @ NIMAC, Nicosia

2023, "nothing is going to hurt you", @ArtRooms Gallery, Kyrenia
2023, "Fragments, Pigments and Figments: An Individualised Walk Through
a Buffer Zone", @Prag Quadrennial, Prag

2024, "The Old Past Has Gone", @Palai Electiriki, Paphos

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