Master Program on Creative Documentary Making at La Casa de Cine, Barcelona

Msc. Social Theory and Public Affairs at University of Amsterdam

Bsc. Sociology at Hacettepe University

2011- 2015 Researcher

Turkish Cypriot Human Rights Foundation, Cyprus EU Association, Famagusta Youth Centre

Future Worlds Centre, UNDP, European Network Against Racism

2011- Present  Local Producer&Researcher

BBC Scotland, Al Jazeera Balkans, ARTE,

ARD, DW, NTV-RTL, Galaxie Presse, Graft Arkitekten, Vice Greece, Camp Film

2013-Present Videographer & Photographer

OBZ Collective, VideOccupy Istanbul, Association for Sustainable Development,

Refugee Rights Association, Eastern Mediterranean Arts Association, UNDP, Ruptly, WorldBank, Fundacio Pepe Rubianes



2014 He/She/It  @Art Rooms, Nicosia

2014 Human Rights Film Festival @Magem, Famagusta

2015 Re:Displacement, World Refugee Day Film Festival, @CCMC, Nicosia Buffer Zone

2016 About War: Refugee Stories Photo Exhibition,

2016 SKT:16.03.2016 @Efruz, Nicosia

2016 European Film Nights @H4C, Nicosia Buffer Zone

2017, All Debord @Pikadilli, Famagusta

2018, ISFFCY @Rialto, Limassol

2019, Festa Final de LCDC @Cinemes Girona, Barcelona

2019, Footnotes on Equality @Casco, Utrecht

2019, Alt'in Ust'un @Rustem, Nicosia

2020, ISFFCY, Parallel Covid Short Films @Rialto, Limassol

2021, Ineffeble Islands @Space54, Athens

2021, Inside the Outset @Rosa Barba's Cinema, Derynia Buffer Zone

2021, xii Mostra Sonora i Visual @Convent Agusti, Barcelona

2021, xxv DrapArt @Artesania Catalunya, Barcelona

2022, Mediterranean Soundscapes Project Festival @Centro Negra/AADK SP, Murcia

& @Atlas Cinema Museum, Istanbul

2022, gitdagel | κίττα κελι, @Kale Pasaj, Famagusta

2022, "Opening", @unusual things, Famagusta