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An experimental documentary in production which choreographs daily rhythms of 5 people living in the province of Barcelona whose lives have an invisible connection through the colour yellow. Each person--knowingly or not--engage with the colour as part of their routine. Incorporating quantum physics theory of superposition and entanglement as a tool for narration, the film builds a story of a yellow movement in an attempt to pose questions on concepts of freedom, connectivity and belonging.

EDAT - (Preposition) 11"



"with": the distance between inside and outside
"despite": the curve between excuse and reason
"according": the gap between influence and manifestation

Northern part of Cyprus, where the gravity is low and the time flows in circles on a daily basis. A zone of contrasts where each experience lived is both unfamiliar for its transient nature and familiar at the same time for its repetitive pattern.

Human Flow - 140"

Camera Operator


Human Flow, a film by Ai Weiwei, gives a powerful visual expression to massive human migration of today. The documentary elucidates both the staggering scale of the refugee crisis and its profoundly personal human impact. Captured over the course of an eventful year in 23 countries, the film follows a chain of urgent human stories that stretches across the globe in countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, France, Greece, Germany, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, and Turkey.

Thin Ice- 7"


2017 - (Not Public)

Chapter One:Year 2015- Out on a morning walk at 6:30 am across the war-torn streets of Kobane, 8 year old Mahmoud seems pleased to encounter a woman with a camera. Without a common language, he valiantly takes her on a trip on the vague line between childhood and adulthood, mundane and extreme, fear and bravery, game and reality.

Chapter Two:Year 2016- The woman decides to go back to find Mahmoud but this time it is her turn to confront the atrocities of war face to face. She fails to reach Rojava.

Chapter Three:Year 2017- She is on the route to find Mahmoud once again.

Thin Green Line- 13"45'



Thin Green Line is a creative documentary film by Marios Psarras about romantic relationships between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. The film narrates three real-life love stories, the hardships and discriminations the couples faced, the many differences and taboos that both divided and brought these people together.

Birds of a Feather - 41"



A documentary by Stephen Nugent & Stephanos Evridipou which looks at the contrasting personal memories formed on a post-conflict space after decades of physical separation. The well-oiled narratives of each community’s official histories have left little room for dialogue or mutual understanding. As stories unravel across the island’s coffee shops, homes, open landscapes and UN-controlled buffer zone, the film raises questions that resonate with every frozen conflict in the notions of truth, history and victimhood while examining the need for dialogue in a seemingly perpetual conflict.



Six young Cypriots who have never met each other before, three Greek Cypriots, who live south of the buffer zone in Cyprus and three Turkish Cypriots, who live north of it, are invited to share a house for five days. Together they will travel across divided Cyprus, visiting landmark locations in an attempt to explore their identities as Cypriots and to understand the identity of the 'other'. A documentary by Danae Stylianou.

Sharing an Island- 100"




Video Art | Video Activism


Born in 1984 in the unrecognised part of Cyprus, grew up adjacent to a ghost city, lived in three different continents. With an academical background on social theory, closely observed various forms of mobilisations such as Gezi uprisings in Istanbul, Indignados in Spain, and Kurdish organisations in Rojava and Bakur. Worked as a producer, writer and researcher in various documentary films since 2011 and has been directing, shooting and editing short films since 2014. Took part in various art exhibitions in Cyprus with video installations. Organised a deconstructive education collective called Free School, published articles on local newspapers, conducted various researches for civil society organisations and currently working on a short fiction novel and a documentary in Barcelona.


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